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The Nexus- An Alternate Universe Final Fantasy RPG
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The Gods had finally willed it-- the chaos and brilliance of every Continent in themselves would soon come together to form one world: Nexus. This convening would be known as the Collision. The only advice that the Kings of the Heavens give us, is this:

Do not fear what is new and now forced upon you, souls,
Only consider what you have become, and built.
As building a new life lays ahead of each one of you, souls,
Only be careful of what you create, and who it is for.
Perhaps relying on old friends, and joining alliances with similar new ones
will keep you, upon the straight path.
But twisted are the minds of those who shall soon be resurrected--
who wish to separate you all, once again.

The world of Nexus combines those that are beautifully crafted within the Final Fantasies V through XII, save XI. Each character drops it’s own significant weight into the balance of good and evil-- or neutral, to those whom are usually out for themselves in such uncharted land. Their former grief, accomplishment, and pride have swelled, and are still important and known in history, however, now they must grow accustomed to interacting with such characters that rival their own personalities. Such a diverse place is to be hatched….such schemes from a myriad of demented characters to be created that can either be foiled for better, or nurtured for worse.

The deaths of those who have passed in other games (such as Aeris-- now, come on, you’ve got to know that by now) are irrelevant. For, human and creature alike, those who have been slain will be resurrected due the shifting of continents, which has stirred and confused not only their inhabitants, but the magical and celestial bodies that govern The Valley as well.

‘The Valley,’ as it used to be called, when all continents were placed in one. However, it’s name has changed. Perhaps one of the most well known synonyms for this house of dead is ‘The Farplane.’ We emphasize the Farplane, mainly because during the Collision, only bits of everyone’s homeland remained, and the Farplane within Spira now houses all of those who have met their demise over the years.

So many wars…battles….deaths….

How can such a small place, in comparison to the numbers of beings slain, house them all?

Well the answer is simple, as it is terrible, to hear: It cannot. Therefore, those valiant men and women, and their strong companions, must face what they had once sought to tear down. Villains left for dead, and those who were dead, will arise once more from the garden’s depths-- The Farplane’s depths. The powers of Evil will collide…and what has brought together such a vast World may very well, destroy it.

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Disclaimer. I do not own any of the Final Fantasy characters, nor most of the concepts that we know are expressed within the games. They are slaves to those sexy people at Square Enix.