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The Collision's Aftermath.

As the world itself calms to an extent, the Underworld stirs and rises to the surface of the living.

Though we do not understand the full reasons for the dead coming back to life, we do know that they are not malignant--- or most of them are not, anyway.

For this reason, it should be heeded that one must always take care whilst dealing with those that have passed their time, and now draw upon ours.

Not only humans have sprung back to life--- it appears that a bout of fiends have begun to plague the earth once more. Sightings of such beasts have been found in The Bikanel Desert, the Phantom and Evil Forests, and also the Eruyt Village.

Please be wary of these creatures, and also those who have been ‘corrupted,’ upon being brought back to life.

We are not sure of this yet, but they seem to be allying with one another…
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