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The Gods were pleased in the creation of this melded world.

In the beginning.

Now their ideals for this Nexus clash, and each one feels a sense of jealousy towards the other. Every single one of them wishes to become the sole ruler, the prominent ‘God of All Gods,’ but this can not be. There can only be one true purveyor of the Lands… how far will they go to reach further in the heavens?

Right now, a few stray away from the pack--- destined to achieve this goal of becoming the one, almighty god. And every one of their plans enfolds around one sole idea: to manipulate the human’s inhabiting Nexus.

The more darker of Gods seek to please those who they know will gain power quickly, and not succumb under weakness. Jenova, Goddess of Resurrection, and the Harbinger of Death seeks to pluck the strings of her own son, Sephiroth…for, if she can get him to take over the people of Nexus, she can then simply employ him in one fell swoop, keeping the reigns in her hands.

She is not the only one. Gods have swarmed the earth in many forms…aeons, guardian forces, espers, moogles….their race to become the one true God may seem childish and stubborn, but as the souls---both dead and living--- interact with one another, their powers become blurred. Some wish to seek out evil…some good, some, even neutral. But all hold the same purpose.

A legion of dead also will start to rise. They can, too, manipulate the living.

With all this information collected, scientists in the newly resurrected ShinRA labs are experimenting on the fiends that have risen from the ground, and the dead they have captured. They wish to perhaps find a way to ‘kill’ them once more, so that the only the living may reside on Nexus.

To find solace, groups of people have begun to revert back to old ways, that may have worked before their old worlds were saved. Yevon, in Spira, is housing those dead that once had been sent by the Lady Yuna once more…and perhaps, if its soul proprietor can be found, he too will attempt to rule over the earth. SOLDIERs are once again being recruited in Midgar, and aided by Rufus ShinRA and his legion of Turks. Even Lord Larsa, from the fallen Archadia, has showed interest in rebuilding an army, if a war were to break out (though he wishes this to be the last resort.)

Fiends are accumulating by the dozens. No where is truly safe. The sweet havens of local cities may prove to have some sort of comfort factor, and perhaps these factions do as well.

Be alert with new faces. You can never truly know who you are dealing with. And be well prepared and equipped when venturing out alone.
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The Collision's Aftermath.

As the world itself calms to an extent, the Underworld stirs and rises to the surface of the living.

Though we do not understand the full reasons for the dead coming back to life, we do know that they are not malignant--- or most of them are not, anyway.

For this reason, it should be heeded that one must always take care whilst dealing with those that have passed their time, and now draw upon ours.

Not only humans have sprung back to life--- it appears that a bout of fiends have begun to plague the earth once more. Sightings of such beasts have been found in The Bikanel Desert, the Phantom and Evil Forests, and also the Eruyt Village.

Please be wary of these creatures, and also those who have been ‘corrupted,’ upon being brought back to life.

We are not sure of this yet, but they seem to be allying with one another…
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Worlds of Nexus


The Collision brought such a variety of cities, countries, and other spots together, though during the change, many disappeared. What has been recently mapped out is the basis to our World of Nexus. People may find a few places not only welcoming, but familiar; others may long for the home that may have disappeared. They shall learn to adapt. And you, now, shall learn of the hubs of social life listed below by their brief descriptions.

New The light blue lines you see connecting some continents, are called transits. If not accustomed to, or flying is not preferred, one can just use the transits to cross continents with ease. Usually transits are much more efficient, and faster than ships.

*note these should be where most of your settings for rps occur, though any other smaller places within them are of course, obvious and usable(such as the Seventh Heaven in Midgar). However, any other large suggestions should be e-mailed to be via huggablerabies@gmail.com

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Character List and Applications.


When applying for a character, It would be encouraged that you know as much about your character as possible. For instance, if one has no understanding of what Zidane was-- and how he acts, it is hardly necessary to apply for that character. However, this does not mean you have to beat FFIX to play Zidane. As long as you have a grasp at him good enough.

*** For now…nothing is spoiler free, except possibly XII, since It only came out, what….a month or so ago? :D ***

Applications should be in this format:

Your Name.

Name of Character & FF No.

Description. Can be both physical and mental-- both is usually preferred anyway, and the more detailed, the better.

Journal entry. Your character will have their own journal to express their feelings about current situations and people. Here you must entail an experience, or rant from your character. Remember to bring our their emotions!

All contact info. That would wish to possibly give us. Personal LJ, Instant Messenger, and E-mail are usually all wanted.

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Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations

Nexus, in the bulk of it’s role-playing aspect, will be played upon the Logs section of the community. However, before you apply, reading through these rules will make certain that you know what is expected of you, and what sets us apart from normal role-playing communities.

O Literacy is a must. Okay, at this point, anyone can string and smash a few words together into a sentence. But for Nexus role-plays, I’d like to see more than just a few lines of bland actions from characters. Not that you have to been exceedingly detailed--but no chat speak and no retarded ass asterisks between actions and words. Use correct punctuation and grammar!

O Please title logs in this format.
Characters: all characters involved.
Setting: A certain area of the Nexus.
Rating: This is important.(G, PG, NC17..ETC)
Other: If there is something significant you must inform the reader/roleplayer before they enter the roleplay, do so here.

Make sure you also use LJ cuts here, please. (Go to the FAQ section on LJ to figure out how)

O Don’t mun-bash. Your characters can hate/mate/tentacle rape one another, but please, the actions the mun gives the character are because of the character’s own personality. Roleplaying should allow us to make friends in the process. Or something cheesy like that.

O Anything is possible--HOWEVER The fact of the matter remains that all characters must be IC, and all developments of character need to make sense. Tidus isn’t suddenly going to drop Yuna for Auron. It may be a progressive thing-- or someone may choose to keep it IC, which is excellent. Character plots need to stick to the basic lining of what they were in the old games..old feelings, abilities, etc.

O Violence and Sex are fine. Just make sure you use the freaking’ rating system, fiends!

O Try and add to the plot. Major plot changes(deaths, ideas for ‘taking over’ areas, etc.) should be addressed to me, your Grand Modess, at huggable rabies@gmail.com Or on my AIM name, screw you kupo. OR, my LJ(Yiz, LJ) name: humanwormbabeh.

O No Godmoding. This also goes in toe with the killing idea. If someone agrees to be killed, by your character, than by all means, that is fine. But power-playing is frowned upon, and I shall be strict with the few rules I’ve laid down.