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Worlds of Nexus


The Collision brought such a variety of cities, countries, and other spots together, though during the change, many disappeared. What has been recently mapped out is the basis to our World of Nexus. People may find a few places not only welcoming, but familiar; others may long for the home that may have disappeared. They shall learn to adapt. And you, now, shall learn of the hubs of social life listed below by their brief descriptions.

New The light blue lines you see connecting some continents, are called transits. If not accustomed to, or flying is not preferred, one can just use the transits to cross continents with ease. Usually transits are much more efficient, and faster than ships.

*note these should be where most of your settings for rps occur, though any other smaller places within them are of course, obvious and usable(such as the Seventh Heaven in Midgar). However, any other large suggestions should be e-mailed to be via huggablerabies@gmail.com

Eastern Gaia (FFVII)

=> Midgar a history once told of this bustling city, held together by Mako, though also destroyed of it. However, just as the Collision has brought more than few lives back, the springs of Lifestream clung together during this confusion, binding Midgar together once more. The sectors are still thriving as well, and a few places that people may have wished to forget-- such as the Honey Bee Inn, and Don Corneo’s mansion.

=> Gold Saucer if this amusement park shaped like a gigantic chocobo had not survived, many people would not find place for joy. Whether lodging for a weekend, or just visiting for a day, there’s no way you can leave Gold Saucer without a lighter mood and purse.

=> Wutai popular by it’s large pagodas and sculpted mountains, Wutai is a lovely nesting place for the solemn and purveyor of Asian culture. Wutai is one of the most known islands that has survived during the Collision.

=> Northern Crater perhaps inhabitants of old Eastern Gaia believe this place to be too horrid and forbidden to ever look upon again…however, it’s mystery and vastness attracts newcomers who have never heard of the calamity that collided with this earth--and the cults that pilgrimage there.

Western Gaia (FFIX)

=> Burmecia long has this once righteous city (settled by holy knights and priests of the Burmecian race) been known for it’s immense towers and sturdy cathedrals, for, even the old West Gaian’s remember Burmecia only as “The City of Eternal Rain.” This city still sleeps, as the eternal, natural showers pound down upon the ruins.

=> Chocobo‘s Paradise little is still know of this place, only because it was never truly a part of Western Gaia to begin with. Rather, it floats above and near the continent, and all of the world’s chocobo’s secretly long and ‘wark’-- to eat their fill and prance upon it’s grasslands and waters.

=> Evil Forest once and entanglement of trees that bound most of the continent together, after the events of Old W.G, the forest is a memory encased in stone, and the moonlight still emanates it’s mystery.

=> Black Mage Village the village is home to several self-aware black mages, living their lives in hiding. They live so deep in the forest that the owls do not live there. It is protected by a magical mirage wall.

Spira (FFX, X-2)

=> Luca original Spirians may believe this is their only place to forget what has happened, and focus upon the entertainment that remains in the hub of Luca-- that of course, being the almost now, daily Blitzball games. Other Continents are somewhat shyly(but freely) welcomed to try their luck against the aged teams still residing within the Continent of Spira.

=> Macalania Forest a scintillating, breathtaking forest encased glimmering sparkles of light, each creature drawn to it’s trees and dreamy ponds by it’s blue trees and flowers. The silence never creeps upon humans; a lonely hymn still whispers and sings upon the azure branches.

=> Farplane the final resting place of the creatures and humans of Spira now hosts every ‘sent’ being from all seven continents…brilliant is the rainbow canvas of flowers painting it’s floors, and majestic are the rushing waterfalls cascading from the Farplane’s every corner….but vast it may seem…small is it compared to the guests of dead now falling upon it. So many that the gateway to the living has been opened, and the dead are granted to walk freely among them.

=> Bikanel Desert the location of the Al Bhed's home until it was attacked by the Guado. However, the majority of these people believe that this island can still be there homeland, and they strive to construct another city amongst it’s machina-rubble and sand.

Ivalice (FFXII)

=> Rabanastre now unrestrained by the stress of both the impending Archadian and Rosarian Empires, Rabanastre, which has always been known as the central and Royal city of Dalmasca, homes all of the various races of Ivalice.

=> Eruyt Village once race-- The perpetuating and earthily righteous Viera still dwell within this forest-like Village. Those who wish to leave are known as exiles, and no longer hear the Green Word. Those who stay flourish either as White Mages, or Archers-- though they bind with the spirit of nature, and live within the village forever.

=> Bhujerba always known as the “Sky City,” Bhujerba now houses each and every one of Nexus’s airships. It is no use explaining why the pilots and mechanics are especially fond of this enormous port nowadays, especially when one understands that not only is the basic transportation between the continents found here, but there are annual ship races that begin and finish in Bhujerba’s docks.

=> Nalbina Dungeons perhaps one of the most dangerous places within all of Nexus, if only for the fact that this is the only area that remains a prison for traitors that have been captured. Of course, there are many that shall never be caught….but the ruffians who live here live only for one thing…to fend for themselves.

Era (FFVI)

=> Kefka’s Tower a twisted, serpentine spiral juts from the earth, and diseases the land around it, creating Kefka’s Tower. Defeated as this demented foe been, however, now with the news of escaping souls, there is no telling what he shall do when he finds his ‘home’ has not been destroyed.

=> Opera House it is a wonder that this ancient opera house survived, when the other towns of Era did not. Yet still it stands, and still the original inhabitants of Era claim to it’s once famous actors and glory, and attempt to maintain the beauty and entertainment of the stage.

=> Phantom Forest it is no wonder why the ghosts and ghouls of Phantom Forest welcome with open arms the dead that now come in flocks from the Farplane-- somehow, their souls long to live in this place…for it is the only shelter where they fit in. Splendid and cozy is the forest to the dead…but hostile and suicidal is the forest to the living.

Planet R (FFV)

=> Pirate’s Cave the most savage and drunk pirates still reside inside this musky harbor, where pirates finally meet up to brag and trade their plunder and booty.

=> Moogle Village the only place where any mog can feel at home during the aftermath of the Collision-- Mognet Central in former Western Gaia has been recreated here as well, and these friendly, furry creatures are always willing to lend a pom-pom to aid you.

Southwestern Continent (FFVIII)

=> Deling City Capital of the Republic of Galbadia and named after President Vinzer Deling. Deling City is the largest and most technologically advanced population center outside of Esthar, and during the nighttime hours, newcomers and residents may revel in the delights of music, gambling, and shopping along the streets. The city has a relaxed, slightly decadent atmosphere, with several examples of architectural beauty. One of these is the triumphal arch at Deling Plaza, located at the centre of the city, the scene of the failed assassination attempt on Sorceress Edea.

=> Balamb Garden the former military academy for SEEDS now upholds a more…elementary approach to schooling, as it is now a children’s academy for learning. There is no need for the SEED Army any longer, and any child, Seeq, Hume, or Moogle, has the privilege to learn here, with the assistance of the Balamb tutors.

=> Esthar The capital metropolis of the technologically advanced and isolationist country of the same name. At the end of the first Sorceress War, the people of Esthar withdrew from world affairs. They used their advanced technology to erect an immense dome over the entire city, rendering it completely invisible to the outside. Esthar's technology has also led to the creation of the transportation of very high speeds throughout the city and three levels of roads (including the monster-infested highway at the top).

=> Cactaur Island It is a barren place, only inhabited by Cactaurs.
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